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Ella - Maternity Pic

Fitness as a Parent. Is it Really Possible?

Yesterday on Facebook I posted a status update about Ella’s upcoming arrival and how excited I am getting to finally have her here and get back to a “fitness lifestyle without limitations” (meaning physical limitations). For those of you who may have missed it, you can read the full post here: While most people were…

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May 15, 2015
recipe vegetarian curried lentil lasagne

Vegetarian Curried Lentil Lasagne

Even your biggest meat eaters will love this one!   Ingredients: 1 tablespoon oil 1 onion, chopped i teaspoon curry powder 1 carrot, grated 1 zucchini, grated 1 x 425g can brown lentils, drained and rinsed 1 x 425g can organic crushed tomatoes 1 x 140g tub tomato paste 1/4 teaspoon salt 125g whole wheat…

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March 27, 2015

Not Eating Much, But Not Losing Weight?

This is a common cry from many dieters… “I don’t understand it, I hardly eat anything, but I am not losing weight!” Time and time again people underestimate what they are eating. They see a small portion on their plate but forget how many calories and fat is included. If you have been used to…

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March 19, 2015
Healthy Eating Plan

Healthy Eating Plan

So, you have made the decision to start a healthy eating plan. As you take a look at your normal eating habits, and also your weight, you discover you need to lose some pounds. It might be that you have discovered you need to lose quite a lot of weight and the mountain ahead looks…

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March 5, 2015

Pregnancy Update – 18 Weeks


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December 27, 2014
Isagenix Amanda P

Blue Jeans Winner Announced!

I am beyond excited to announce the winner of our latest “Blue Jeans” Challenge! Congratulations to Amanda who has not only lost 28 pounds (and many inches) in 60 days, but also won a $150 gift card to treat herself to a brand new hot pair of jeans 🙂   She says of her experience……

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November 17, 2014
Isagenix Holiday Body Blitz

Online Holiday Contest

Did you know the average person gains between 7 to 15 pounds between Halloween & New Years Day? For this very reason, I’ve joined forces with some of the best professionals in the fitness industry to help YOU look and feel fabulous this holiday season. No weight gain will be happening here! This online contest…

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September 27, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Workout

Holiday weekends are not an excuse to throw your workouts out the window! Enjoy time with friends and family this weekend, but be sure to keep your fitness in the forefront of your mind. Give this Labor Day Weekend Workout Challenge a go… How did you do? Let me know!!

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August 29, 2014
Stronger than an excuse

Top 10 Food and Nutrition Affirmations

When you have “convenience” food bombarding you from every direction, it can be difficult to choose options that give your body the nourishment it needs. However, if you have daily reminders and effective tools at your disposal, you just may find that eating the right foods and feeding your body the best fuels becomes a…

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July 28, 2014

Exercise of the Week: Towel Push Ups

Towel Push Ups! One of my favorite exercises for my old Cirque days and how I burned out chest last workout. Grab some hand towels and give it a go! Try 3-4 sets to failure. Leave a comment below and let me know how you did! Exercise of the Week: Towel Push Ups

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April 22, 2014
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    “Just wanted to tell you that you’re awesome! Never thought I would get so much out of Skype training!” – Shimi (Melbourne, Australia)

    “If you’re looking to get stronger, you’ve come to the right place!" - Katherine (New York)

    “I am a very fit person and Kristy managed to absolutely kick my butt!" - Kristen (Brandon, FL)

    I’ve never felt (or looked) better!! And I couldn’t wait to wear my wedding dress on the big day! :) Thank you Kristy!!!” – Elysha (Boston)

    “I’ve been working out with Kristy for a few weeks now and have seen great results so far. I will definitely be ready for summer (and my bridesmaid dress!) Thanks Kristy. You are awesome!” – Megan (Canada)

    “Kristy is such a great person to work with!!! I haven’t been pushed like that in a long time! Thanks Kristy!!" - Gao (Alabama)

    "I just had a baby and my fitness is very far from where I would like it to be. She was understanding, encouraging, and changed things up for me when she knew I was getting frustrated. Would recommend to anyone who wants a challenge!" - Jess (Texas)

    "I have been going to gyms, group classes, and personal trainers for many years. My workouts with Kristy are the best I have ever had. Kristy listened to what my joint issues were and tailors the workouts to my condition. I can't wait to do more workouts with her!" - Cherisse (LA)

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