Fitness as a Parent. Is it Really Possible?

Yesterday on Facebook I posted a status update about Ella’s upcoming arrival and how excited I am getting to finally have her here and get back to a “fitness lifestyle without limitations” (meaning physical limitations).

For those of you who may have missed it, you can read the full post here:

FB Post Ella

While most people were very supportive, I was not expecting the negative backlash and comments that also came my way (by the way I love negative people telling me things can’t be done because I love proving them wrong even more!)

Comments and messages from people flat out laughing at me and saying “I love the part about you getting back to a fitness lifestyle without limitations lol. Yeah right, that’s never going to happen!” and similar.

Confused at first, I thought to myself “What are these people talking about? Of course it can, and WILL, happen!”

Then I sat back and realized just how many mothers think their life has to stop once they have children. Many also use the excuse of being too busy and too tired to continue exercising, or eating well, once they become moms. They put their own health on the back burner as a result.

I want to ask you this … Is this really the best thing to do for yourself, not to mention your children?

Flight attendants tell us constantly to “place your own oxygen mask on BEFORE you assist others.”

Why is this?

Well, if you are out of oxygen and unconscious how in the heck will you be able to help anyone around you who needs your help?

The same thing goes for being a parent. If you decide your health is no longer that important and toss it to the side, how are you going to be able to show up in your children’s life at 100%? To function optimally, and to the best of your ability in ANY area of your life, you need to make your health and fitness a priority.

Health and fitness is, and will always be, a priority to me. I lived an extremely unhealthy life for a long period and know all too well what a miserable, and tiring, existence that was. The sad thing is, most people have absolutely no clue how good they could be feeling, if they were to just make a few small changes in their lifestyle – making health and fitness more of a top priority.

While I am not a parent yet, I have been around enough families and worked with enough children in my time to know that children LOVE to be active with their parents.

Ella will become my reason WHY my own health and fitness will become even MORE of a top priority for me once she is born. She will in no way EVER be my excuse as to WHY NOT.

Too many parents are using their children as excuses for why they are not taking care of themselves, or living the life they really want to be living. I hear it on a DAILY basis from clients and those around me. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way.

Make your children the reason WHY you become better, fitter, and healthier.

I choose to do exactly that. I encourage you to follow my journey as I show you how it CAN be done. I am in no way thinking, or saying, it will be easy. I will need to become creative so that I can, at times, include Ella in my workouts and be more flexible knowing that I will have to split my fitness up throughout the day to fit it in when I find the time. But not taking care of myself is just not an option for me.

So yes, I AM excited to get back to my “fitness lifestyle without limitations” and I welcome YOU to join me!

– KLW xo

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